Gonghealing & Soundbath with Lady Gong


The effect of Sound healing and the historic significance of the gong
Sound therapy, sound healing, is based on the assumption that you are a set of vibrations that can lose their rhythm when illness occurs. Sound and vibration travel through water more efficiently, and you consist of 70% water, so this affect every cell in your body. Trapped emotions releases. The vibrations release energy from previous experiences.

The “Gong bath” got its name because you bathe in the vibrations of the sound waves that massage all your internal organs and circulate the water in your body. The gong is one of our oldest instruments, it has been used for thousands of years to both heal people and increase and deepen human consciousness. Its scientific and archaeological roots are traced to the Bronze Age, 5,000 years back in time. Burma, China, Java and Vietnam were prominent Gong producers. In the west the gong was found in ancient Greece and within the Roman Empire. Research on 20 minutes of gong has shown an effect right down to the level of our blood cells. During a session with Lady Gong at Villa Dagmar you get a full 40 minutes with the gong.

Chakra – An overview
At the end of your sound healing session, you will be guided in chakra balancing developed by Sara Emilionie. The word “Chakra” in Sanskrit means a spinning energy wheel. Itis mentioned in Indian texts as early as 3,000 years ago and is a way of describing us humans in an energy perspective. There are seven
major chakras along the center line of the body, which we can influence with yoga, meditation – and Gong! During a session with Lady Gong, you get to try a chakra scan, a meditation that you can easily perform on your own. It is about balancing your chakras through your own presence. When mind and body relax breathing becomes deeper and you get access to self-healing. You will increase the circulation in your chakras through your breathing and calming both body and mind. As we go deeper down in calmer Alpha waves, we become more creative. When we become so relaxed that we fall asleep, we have entered the Theta phase, which many do during a gong bath. This means that you heal and repair yourself.

The positive effect of yoga breathing
In yoga breathing is central, and there is also a lot of scientific research on this topic. A Swedish study showed that a combination of breathing and spine flex lowered blood pressure as much as medication.

Instruction: With your mouth closed, inhale, expand your stomach from the bottom and fill your entire chest before exhaling, calmly, passively. Rest between each breath.
Effect: Activates your immune system, balances blood pressure, create endocrinal balance, increases focus due to the increase in spinal fluid and releases tension in the respiratory muscles, massages the abdominal organs and has a circulatory effect. Good for the parasympathetic nervous system, creates a calm and peaceful response.

About Lady Gong
Sara Emilionie has since 2009 developed a stress reduction program for healthcare, business and schools. Her method has been used in published research and as a former concert pianist she has integrated the importance of music into her concepts.

Time: Saturdays at 08.30. Please note, bookings need to be made no later than 16.00 the day before.
Clothes: Relaxing clothes, no shoes.
Bookings: For bookings and further questions, please send an email to Sara Emilionie HERE 
Cancellation policy: For external guests, cancellation no later than 24 hours before to avoid to get charged.

Hotel guest: Included
External guests: 1000 SEK / person
Rent private: 1-4 persons, 3000 SEK total