Susan Szatmáry Pop-Up at Gazebo

Timeless accessories designed with impeccable craftsmanship. Swedish designer brand SUSAN SZATMÁRY has moved in to our Gazebo concept store.
Susan Szatmáry is a luxury brand founded in Sweden by Susan herself, who draws inspiration from her diverse cultural background to create high-end accessories with a unique identity. The brand prioritizes sustainability, quality materials, and craftsmanship. Susan closely follows every detail of the product development process, and the brand focuses on the direct-to-consumer market while maintaining an affordable price for global customers. 
Susan was awarded as “Accessories Designer of the year” 2020 for Elle Magazine Sweden and winner of the prestigious Prize “Guldknappen Accessoar”  with Damersnas värld 2020.
The brand’s commitment to sustainable and timeless luxury has earned them a reputation for quality and elegance. Their bags, in particular, have become a favorite among princesses from different countries. Susan’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in each of her creations, and her diverse cultural background has played a significant role in the brand’s unique identity. 
Wednesday to Friday 12 – 19
Saturday 12 – 16