At Villa Dagmar you will find food and drink menus designed to cater all different moods and moments during your stay.


Our beautiful courtyard with the magnificent glass roof atrium is a vibrant meeting place that gives you the feeling of visiting a unique city villa. A sophisticated playful venue to cater all moods and moments from early mornings to late evenings. On the bar menu you will find fantastic wines, a rich catalogue of cocktails and a handpicked selection of Villa Dagmar signature dishes. In The Garden we always offer delicious weekly lunch specials.

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Villa Dagmar’s charismatic wine bar, Dagges, offer a variety of wines from the hotel’s exquisite inhouse cellar. Our award-winning wine list aims to stoke curiosity and showcase excellent wines by our favorite producers from lesser-known parts of the world. Have a seat in the bar for intriguing wine conversations with the sommeliers or get comfortable in one of the couches. Let us guide you through our wide selection of excellent wines while our chefs prepare aperitivo, Neapolitan pizzas, and charcuteries.

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Step into a world where all of your senses intertwine, unveiling a new intriguing experience within the elegant walls of Villa Dagmar. In Salon, you withdraw from everyday life and dive into emotions filled with mystique, contrast, romance and tradition. A place where we pursue our ultimate belief of what gastronomy truly means – joy, warmth, community, tradition and generosity. Let the festive atmosphere unravel those real engaging encounters. Join us in our new hidden gem where time is a non-factor, and every moment is infused with captivating allure.


Salon is closed during summer, we look forward to welcoming you back next season.

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Villa Dagmar is perfect for all kinds of events, private dinners and gatherings. If you want to dine in a private and intimate setting, we offer private rooms that are suitable for both large and small groups.

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We are proud to have our very own bakery and pâtisserie at the hotel. Here we offer freshly made bread, cakes, and pastries with the highest quality ingredients. Whether celebrating a special event such as a birthday, engagement or anniversary – or simply to add a festive feeling to any occasion. We cater for any event, to have here or to bring home. All of our cakes are made by our talented pastry chef Annie Lundin.

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