Dagmar Spirit & Retreat and fitness centre offers a place where body, mind and soul can get a much-needed break or a quick workout. Here, you will find a wide selection of classic favourites as well as innovative treatments with elements of modern spirituality. A place where we consider the holistic idea that body and soul belong together.


Dagmar Spirit & Retreat is a close collaboration with Mia Hjalmarsson and offers the very best in skincare, beauty and holistic health. At Dagmar Spirit & Retreat, our professional dermatologists and therapists give individual advice on which treatment is right for you. Dagmar Spirit & Retreat is accessible exclusively to our guests 16 years of age or older. We welcome younger guests from 12 years old in accompanied by an adult.

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spa stockholm


Here, our guests will find classic favourites as well as innovative treatments with elements of modern spirituality. We combine different techniques with wonderful products for the best results and an enjoyable experience. Here you find everything from facial treatments, massages to sound healing.

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Our modern and well-equipped fitness centre is directly connected to Dagmar Spirit & Retreat and is specially adapted for the discerning travelers that seek after something extra. We have a close collaboration with Vigour Fitness, offering personal training with some of the country’s top personal trainers as well as yoga and crossfit.

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The “Gong bath” got its name because you bathe in the vibrations of the sound waves that massage all your internal organs and circulate the water in your body. The gong is one of our oldest instruments, it has been used for thousands of years to both heal people and increase and deepen human consciousness. Its scientific and archaeological roots are traced to the Bronze Age, 5,000 years back in time. Burma, China, Java and Vietnam were prominent Gong producers. In the west the gong was found in ancient Greece and within the Roman Empire. Research on 20 minutes of gong has shown an effect right down to the level of our blood cells. 

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