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In regard to the GDPR regulation, we have specified how Villa Dagmar use and process information and your personal data. You can find more information and our integrity policy on our website. We kindly ask you to confirm that you understand and agree to the specified information below by signing this document


Which of your Personal Data is processed by us?

We process the personal data you provide us with when making a reservation, during your visit and any data obtained in connection to your stay with us.


Purpose and lawful grounds for processing of your Personal Data

To fulfil our contract with you or act accordingly before an agreement is made we use your personal data for the following purposes:

The personal information that you share with us when making a reservation, the personal data obtained in connection to your stay, your membership or a visit to our premises is processed with the purpose of enabling us to deliver our services and products to you in the best possible way and to fulfil and administer our contract with you. For example, we process the personal data that you share with us when making a reservation to administer your visit, your payment, to maintain security standards in case of fire or accident, for identification and control, to remind and inform you about your reservation and to provide you with information related to the serviced provided by Villa Dagmar before, during and after your visit, for marketing purposes, to quality appraise your visit and to take necessary actions desired by you to complete our contract with you.

The processed data is: Name, personal number, contact details, email address, payment information, purchase information (e.g. bookings and special wishes and requirements you have communicated to us, for example allergies, your favourite room, balcony, preferred newspapers, bathtub etc.) membership level in our loyalty program, your correspondence, credit control from credit control companies, user information for our homepage, occupation, system logs, and incidents from a previous visit, If you are a VIP-guest or a public figure, a public photo is used for internal recognition to enable high service standards.


Who has access to your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data is foremost processed only by us, employees at Villa Dagmar, and shared between our subsidiaries. Your Personal Data might be shared with others very carefully chosen who process personal data or have access to it on our behalf. They have no legal right to share your data further

  • Our system, drift suppliers and partners have access to booking and receipt information that is registered in connection with your booking and your stay with us, payment in our card- terminals, purchase of our products and creation of user accounts on our home-page
  •  If you pay by card the card, information is coded in the terminal for credit card reading and sent directly to the recipient supplier (Verifone, Teller, Netz) for authorization approval and settlement of the card transaction, thereafter it is sent to your card distribution bank. This routine follows the standard procedures for card payments.
  • We use the company Creditsafe i Sverige AB to control your personal identification number that is provided when making a reservation or before potentially signing of business contracts.
  • We may provide your email address to our cooperation partners (Loopon) that help us with quality surveys after your stay.

How long do we store your Personal data?

We never process your personal information longer than what is allowed according to applicable law, regulations, praxis or government decisions. The personal data that we process in order to fulfill our obligations to you are processed for 12 months to enable us to administer contract conditions, exercise our rights and to fulfill our commitment to you. Complaints are saved for two years to enable us to administer your future bookings in the best possible way if you chose to stay with us again.

In order to administer necessary processing to fulfill Villa Dagmar’s lawful obligations in accordance with the demands of law, court or government decisions (e.g. Bookkeeping regulations, tax regulations, alcohol regulations, money laundering and laws which prohibit slavery and trafficking) provided personal data is saved to fulfill our agreement with you for 36 months.

In order for us to inform you of Villa Dagmar’s services your contact details are saved until the time that you request removal from our register in writing.

Your purchases, both cash and card, are registered in our payment system. If you pay by card it is registered with a masked card number (only the first and last numbers are registered.) We only save receipt information such as time of purchase, where the purchase was made, amount and what you have bought from us. We are not able to identify you and your purchases from the receipt information and masked card number. The receipt information is saved for seven years after the calendar year in which the financial year was closed in agreement with the current Swedish Bookkeeping Act.

Daily reports with attached receipts from returns, reclamation receipts, cancelled receipts, wrongly drawn receipts, damage form and customer compensation claims, and information of damage from our payment system are deleted seven years after the calendar year in which the financial year was closed in agreement to with the current Swedish Bookkeeping Act.