Gonghealing & Soundbath

The session starts by softening and warming your body with simple exercises, before moving on to the Gong bath. The sound waves from the gong can be described as an internal massage, it affects the mind and often participants end up in a state between sleep and awake – which helps to ease the mind and thoughts. This, together with the vibrations from the Gong, helps the body’s self-healing ability to dissolve tension and stress. After a gong session you normally feel relaxed and can tackle things with new energy and creativity. You will feel replenished both physically and emotionally.

No previous experience is required to participate.

The effect of Sound healing and the historic significance of the gong
Sound therapy, sound healing, is based on the assumption that you are a set of vibrations that can lose their rhythm when illness occurs. Sound and vibration travel through water more efficiently, and you consist of 70% water, so this affect every cell in your body. Trapped emotions releases. The vibrations release energy from previous experiences.

The “Gong bath” got its name because you bathe in the vibrations of the sound waves that massage all your internal organs and circulate the water in your body. The gong is one of our oldest instruments, it has been used for thousands of years to both heal people and increase and deepen human consciousness. Its scientific and archaeological roots are traced to the Bronze Age, 5,000 years back in time. Burma, China, Java and Vietnam were prominent Gong producers. In the west the gong was found in ancient Greece and within the Roman Empire. Research on 20 minutes of gong has shown an effect right down to the level of our blood cells. 

About Mattias Sundman
Mattias Sundman is a trained Gong master and Yoga teacher and has been playing the Gong for over 7 years. He regularly holds company events and various classes all over Stockholm. He is also often involved in various events, festivals and also holds training courses. Mattias loves to share his passion with the Gong and always plays from the heart and for world peace. Read more about Mattias here. 

Time: Every Saturday morning at 09.00. Please note, bookings need to be made no later than 19.00 the day before. Summer break from the 22/6, starts again the 24/8. 
Clothes: Relaxing clothes, no shoes.
Bookings: For bookings and further questions, please contact the reception.
Cancellation policy: For external guests, cancellation no later than 24 hours before. In case of late cancellation, charges apply.

Hotel guest: SEK 350 / person
External guests: SEK 1000 / person
Private session: 1-4 persons, SEK 4500 total