Gym & Personal training

Our modern and well-equipped gym is directly connected to Dagmar Spirit & Retreat. We also have a close collaboration with Vigour Fitness, which is located a few minutes from the hotel and offers some of the country’s best PTs as well as yoga, crossfit or strength training.

Our gym is available 24 hours.


Sibyllegatan 19, Östermalm

Vigour is an exclusive membership gym that opened in 2020. Here you will find some of the country’s best personal trainers with over 60,000 PT hours and 70 years of experience. The gym is about 300 square meters with a yoga and meditation room, PT boxing, breathwork and yoga classes. Infrared sauna, shower and gym towels and products from Maria Åkerberg are available in the changing rooms.

Mon – Fri 06.30 – 21.30
Sat – Sun 08.00 – 20.00